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Katana 2+ Supercharger Conversion

The Katana 2+ is an effective power upgrade for the Toyota 2ZZ-GE powered Elise and Exige.

Using the same supercharger as the factory Exige S model, with just 6.5 psi of boost pressure, power is increased up to 240 Bhp & torque to 155 lbft.


Combined with a lower 2nd cam change point it gives excellent



The kit has minimal effect on cruise fuel consumption and the reprogrammed engine management system retains all of the factory diagnostics/self learning.


 Fitted                                           £POA


Kit Includes:

  • Eaton MP62 Supercharger

  • 6-6.5 psi boost pulley

  • Bolt on Greddy Cast Aluminium Manifold & Intake Tube

  • NGK IX Iridium Spark Plugs

  • RC Injectors, Adaptors & Seals

  • K&N Filter

  • Drive Belt

  • New Dipstick Tube

  • Reflashed ECU

  • All necessary brackets/mounts/fixings & gaskets 

2ZZ-GE Charge-cooler

This offers the maximum potential from the standard 2ZZ-GE engine when combined with a supercharger.

The charge-cooler features an all alloy construction and a self contained electronic water circulation system to keep charge temps under control in the most demanding circumstances.


Charge-cooling is the only way to extract maximum power from a supercharger in total safety .


The figures speak for themselves: 260hp+/180lbft+


Lotus inlet manifold setup is required for the installation of this charge-cooler.

Exige S Gotham Upgrade

The Gotham upgrade is a great starting point to upgrade the factory Exige S, this consists of a reprogrammed control module and larger injectors.

The remapped control module makes full use of the available power of the supercharger and gives a gain of around 20hp, plus considerable increases in low and mid-range torque.

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