Essex Honda Conversion

Known as the most refined Honda conversion available, we have worked hard with suppliers of engine mounts & driveshafts to ensure that our Honda conversion exhibited quality in excess of a factory built car.

Many development hours were spent perfecting the gear shift mechanism (unique to our kit is the Honda counter-weight to give production quality gear feel), honing the refinement and drive-ability, as well as ensuring fit and finish in the engine compartment is of the highest standard.

The kit offers an effortless 220hp from the super reliable Honda K20A unit, revving to a heady 8500rpm, this truly is the engine that the Elise was designed for!

Superior fit, finish & engineering.

We are confident that you will not find a better Honda K20A conversion for the Elise/Exige/340R anywhere in the world. Precise gear shift, minimal engine vibration, blistering performance & total proven reliability.

Essex Autosport Honda conversion

The Essex Honda conversion betters the competition in comfort, reliability and attention to detail.


Varying strength rubber mounts hold the engine securely yet do not transmit harsh vibrations through the car. Just because a car is fast doesn't mean it has to be unbearably hard!


The engine is set slightly further back in the bay to allow the driveshafts to sit at a less severe angle, eliminating overheating and premature wear of joints.

Driveshafts have been specially designed and manufactured to withstand hard driving. Using Honda inner tripoid joints with new custom shafts and outer joints, any issues found in other kits do not exist in ours.

Our gear linkage setup can be finely tuned for a lighter, smoother and faster gear change. The original Honda counter weight is kept to help keep the motion light and precise.

Parts are of the highest quality to ensure reliabilty and powder coated for a great looking finish and longevity.

Each conversion is individual and finished with superb attention to detail.

Basic Kit

Used Honda K20A Engine & 6 Speed Gearbox

Exedy 3 Piece Clutch

Plug and Play Wiring Loom

New Custom Driveshafts

Custom Silicone Hose Kit

Custom Designed Engine/Gearbox Mounts & Rear Lower Brace with 4th Mount on gearbox

Gear Selector Mechanism & Motorsport Quality Gearcables

Alloy Heater Pipes

Hondata K100 Reflashed ECU

Remote Oil Filter Housing

4-1 Stainless Steel Manifold

Electronic Fan Controller

Baffled Sump

Tuned Length Alloy Induction Pipe

High Flow K&N Air Filter

High Quality Oil & Fuel Lines (Braided Aerospace Quality)

Fuel Regualtor

All fittings and fixtures.

Fitted                 from £10,795


Engine Rebuild (All original Honda parts)

   Timing & Oil chains + Tensioners & Guides, Piston rings, 

   Main/Rod Bearings, Rod Bolts, Head Gasket, Full Engine

   Seal Set & Stem Seals.                                                           from £2450


Nimbus Aerospace Thermal insulation

   to boot floor/backbox area.                                                             £300


Side Mounted Oil Cooler                                                                     £300                                                                                                                      fitted

Uprated Alloy Radiator                                                                  from £650


Lightened Flywheel (less than 3kg)                                                                                  £354

High Capacity Fuel Pump                                                             from £550


Supercharger Kit                                                                                  £POA

Sports Catalytic Converter Link Pipe                                                £POA


When upgrading you car with a Honda Conversion it is essential you ensure your cars braking, suspension and cooling systems are in good condition and of a high enough quality to be able to handle the extra speeds, pressures and driving limits you will be putting it through.

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