All makes, all models servicing

As well as our Tuning, Racing and Development services, we offer the essential services required to keep your car running and in perfect condition. With over 30 years Servicing experience, we are able to deal with all marques from the European, Asian and Continental markets.


Classic & Modern Lotus

Our Servicing workshop is fully equipped for all generations of vehicle, and our experienced staff are here to look after your car in the most caring & efficient manner. From a simple MOT to Lotus scheduled servicing, we ensure quality throughout.


Fault Code Diagnostics and Reset

We also boast a fully qualified in-house Vehicle Electrical Specialist, dealing with all types of Electrical installations including Radio & In Car Entertainment, Alarms and Electrical fault diagnostics, including the latest generation of OBDII code reading and reset hardware.



Model  A Service  B Service  C Service
Rover Elise S1/S2, Exige S1 from £135 from £220 from £480
Rover Elise S1/S2 111S from £135 from £220 from £495
Rover 340R from £135 from £220 from £699
Toyota Elise 111R, Exige S2 from £160 from £210
Exige SC, 2-Eleven from £160 from £210
Elan M100 from £140 from £235 from £489
Honda Powered Elise/Exige/340R from £160 from £260

For models not shown please get in touch.