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Head Behind the Wheels

Hi there, I’m Alan Frederick and a lifelong gearhead. I used to work as a mechanic and am now a student of mechanical engineering. I started working since I was five as my grandfather owned the garage. Later I did a summer internship with a renowned automotive manufacturer.

Let’s clear something up first. I don’t own a sports car or any high-performance car. All I have is a Volkswagen polo 1.4s. That’s all I can afford for now. So, yes, all my life I’ve been around cars and engines. Then all I learned about cars and engines are from magazines and jobs.

I’ve been evolved in the car business for a long time. And I lived in Essex all my life. And one of my passions is to keep in touch with the market. So, I try to update my site with all the latest information and price rates on certain cars.

I will always prefer manual transmission over dual-clutch ones. Indeed, things do not seem very smooth. But the depression of that clutch is the reason I’ll drive a car.

I enjoy being around the cars and the whole culture of sports cars. They trigger my emotions differently. Aesthetics of the vehicle and history is one of the most intriguing parts of owning a car. If you are buying a luxury car, make sure to check the history of that car and the owner. These stories are always very emotionally connected to the vehicle itself.

High horsepower cars are the best thing that can happen to someone like me. The sound of an engine feels like Beethoven for someone like me. I do not claim to know all about a car. And I’ll never do such an audacious thing. Performance cars stand out for their performance but primarily because of their demand in the market.

The area of my interest is quite particular and classic. Thus, I hope to help you with such information that will help you with your purchasing a car. The history of your vehicle might not be as old as of Essex, but it certainly is fascinating.