A performance car is an advanced automotive design with a higher-performing quality range than regular cars. This can be differentiated in several ways. But it’s the advanced technology that makes it stands out from the rest.

Essex has always been a step ahead in the United Kingdom to collect and sell these cars. Being a commercialized city, people see performance cars as a sort of investment. For some, it is a collection and hobby.

It can be about a limited edition, speed, engines, or race track, but a performance car will always hold a higher place while purchasing and selling. With the expensive side comes the luxury side of the vehicles. This can be one of the reasons why performance cars are so prevalent in Essex.

The list of performance cars:

Now let’s talk about some of the cars that are popular in Essex right now. From the price range to the essential features, these cars do stand out in a line.

Gran Tourer cars: these cars are famous for their speed and luxuriousness. The Ferrari 575M is one of the examples of this sort of car. Has a V12 engine with 508bhp speed. Has electric doors and memory function. The BMW 2 series is also on this list. Has a very comfortable interior and elevated roofline. Thus, one has a seven-speed double-clutch transmission.

Hatchback cars: These are hot hatch cars. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is an excellent example of this car. This one also has a dual-clutch transmission. A turbocharged engine with 227bhp. This has automatic mirrors and headlights. The Ford Fiesta is another example of a Hatchback car. A three-door with a manual transmission.

Muscle cars: these cars mostly have v8 engines. The 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is the best example of this kind of car. Has a V8 engine with 290hp and an automatic transmission. Has a deluxe interior with tinted windows. An original Shelby with an extensive rate. Another significant example will be the 1979 MGB Roadster. Has leather seats with a vermilion exterior.

Sedan cars: these cars are based on their high-performance quality. BMW 5 Series is one of the best examples of this sort of car. Comes with a leather interior and sensors. Automatic start and stop buttons are available.

Supercars: these cars are regarded for their high speed and price tags. Porsche 911 Carrera is a modern and classic example of this car. Has a rate of 300bhp with manual transmission. Comes with a leather interior and a sunroof with sports seats. Another example should be the Triumph Stag MKII with a V8 engine. This one has a hard to roof.

These are just the classic examples of some of the performance cars in Essex. All of these cars have different features and refurbishments done to them.

As I said before, it can be a source investment or a hobby, and these performance cars will always have an excellent choice for car enthusiasts in Essex. They hold both sentimental and economic value for both the owners and the sellers.